Attrezzatura per la pulizia contro le alghe

With the gradual warming of the Earth, there are more and more frequent algae problems in reservoirs, cisterns and lakes. The LG Sonic ultrasound system drastically reduces the amount of algae. The technology used transports algae to the bottom of the basin, which die from lack of oxygen.

The LG Sonic system is highly natural and has the advantage, compared to the traditional use of chemicals, of not inducing algae to emit defense phytotoxins, a great advantage if the water is to be used for drinking purposes. The system is programmed according to the type of algae.

The range of action of the LG Sonic anti-algae system is 500 meters and more elements can be connected in series for greater needs.

Already after a few days of installation you can see the effects of LG Sonic.

LG Sonic only needs a power supply and can be used remotely from the mobile phone.

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