Servizio business plan per colture idroponiche

Over the years, AgeonTech has developed a methodology of proven reliability for the preparation of customized Business Plans that evaluate all investment items, financial and administrative costs, management costs, expected productivity and profitability based on an estimated sales price. of the fresh product, all considering an amortization plan of 10-15 years.
This tool is aimed at guiding the customer, taking into account his needs and expectations, towards winning business choices.
The aim is to provide the entrepreneur with a necessary tool for determining the feasibility and opportunities in economic-financial terms, which takes into account the corporate structure and the context in which the company would fit.
A Business Plan adequately drawn up with the principles of objectivity, reliability, neutrality and prudence, is a suitable means in order to analyze the possible economic repercussions as a result of the various possible business investment choices and foresees the expected economic and financial results.