This training proposal is an educational path through which SITIF (Italian School of Hydroponics and Off the Ground) aims to train professional figures specialized in this sector, precisely Managers of Hydroponic and Off the Ground Greenhouses by providing all the information necessary to make the decision a successful one. The course consists of 7 explanatory SITIF modules in defining the bases and principles that regulate these cultivation techniques. The proposal is addressed to all operators in the sector (company owners, technicians, growers, consultants, farm managers) interested in optimizing production parameters with specific reference to greenhouses and soilless systems typical of the context of the Mediterranean basin. The intent is to transfer knowledge not only of a theoretical nature, but above all practical thanks to Ageon’s more than twenty years of experience in this sector.

Topics covered in the modules:

Why/what/when to measure
Plant measurements
Crop registration
CR photographic set
Parameters vigor and balance
Actions vigor and balance
Study cases

Features of the greenhouse,
substrate placement,
Slab support and drainage recovery,
drainage management,
Electrical system,
Warm up,
climate control,
fertigation system,
conversion costs,
Extra set-ups…

Out of the ground
Characteristics of the most popular substrates
Coconut fiber
Rock wool
Behavior of water in the substrate
Dry Hydroponics
Radixper Vertical Farm

Behavior of water in the substrate
Water-root interaction
Irrigation strategy
Study cases

importance of climate management
Climate parameters
Soilless Models
Low tech
High technology
Comparison BT vs AT
Semi-closed greenhouse
Greenhouse climate strategy

Nutrient elements
Importance of pH
Study cases

Pilot fertilization
Drainage/slab extract analysis
Reading and interpretation
Uptake analysis
Reading and interpretation
Nutrient solution calculation – Netfeed