Ageon offers a wide range of highly effective and certified chemical products for professional use to be used according to the residual dirt to be dealt with and above all according to the pathogenic microorganism to be treated.

Cleaners and sanitizers

Detergents are chemical products for professional use, used in agriculture and in the agri-food processing industry, which allow you to clean and remove any type of dirt present on surfaces, equipment, machinery and tools with the aim of removing a fertile growth ground. They are divided according to the pH into alkaline and acid. A further classification sees them divided into highly foaming or defoamed (low/no foaming power). Foaming application is recommended in order to make the treated areas more visible, prolong the adhesion time on smooth and vertical surfaces and still rationalize the effective quantity of product used. Finally, the main factors to consider when choosing cleaning compounds are the nature of the dirt to be removed, the characteristics of the water, the method of application and the area or type of equipment to be cleaned.


The disinfectants of the Menno Chemie line are chemical products for professional use, specifically formulated to drastically reduce the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts and/or viruses. They are widely used in agriculture, from horticulture to floriculture, especially in production in protected environments such as greenhouses, in the agri-food processing industry and in veterinary hygiene. For a complete disinfection it is always necessary to first remove the dirt, growth medium and excellent source of nutrients for the microorganisms, with the aid of a detergent and only then apply a disinfectant.