Dry Hydroponics is a hydroponic system suitable for short-cycle crops such as lettuce, baby leaves, herbs, endives, cabbage and even leeks.

Cultivation takes place in tanks filled with water enriched with nutrients and the crops grow on floating panels with a specially designed design to offer optimal growing conditions.

This patented design ensures that crops have the right mix of water, nutrients and oxygen around the roots at all times.

Planted on floating panels, the plants grow naturally without the need for operator intervention.

The design of the Dry Hydroponics panel offers an air chamber that guarantees abundant quantities of oxygen in the water. This drastically reduces the problems of root diseases typical of other traditional floating systems.

The system also creates a luminous environment for the epigeal part thanks to the reflective material of the panel, creating an ideal microclimate for the development of strong and healthy leaves. In addition, the insulating effect of the floating panels and the high amount of water available not only guarantee an optimal cultivation climate but also allow a clean final product and a better shelf life.