A clean and healthy environment is the fundamental prerogative for starting and guaranteeing a successful agricultural production activity. In fact, maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within certain environments and contexts such as the greenhouse sector is crucial in the prevention and control of many diseases and infections. Furthermore, these conditions are basic characteristics for maximizing yields and achieving/maintaining high quality standards.

For this reason Ageon offers a wide range of effective and practical detergents and disinfectants to use, compatible with greenhouse cultivation. These products are particularly suitable not only for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and environments, but also for equipment and materials for daily use which can often represent potential vehicles for the spread of diseases and infections.

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the crop cycle is essential to avoid the spread of infections and the proliferation of pathogens in greenhouses or in protected environments (vertical farms, indoor crops…). These objectives can be achieved starting from daily behaviors and aspects that directly concern operators in the sector, such as from simple clothing, to the sanitation of the access and exit passages of the production areas up to the same operational tools most commonly used in operations daily. Furthermore, another crucial element concerns the containment of potential pathogens and parasites that can spread during the crop cycle. This result can be achieved also by resorting to adequate means of active control, capable of containing and reducing the pressure of parasites and potential vehicles of disease without the aid of agropharmaceuticals and chemical products to be applied on the crop, also respecting a possible “Zero Residue Production”.

Why is it necessary to wash the roofs of greenhouses?

The cleaning of the greenhouse is a fundamental element for having an excellent cultivation, this must concern not only the internal environment of the structure, but also the external one starting from the cleaning of the roofing and infill materials. From research and tests carried out in the field, it has been observed that the use of a nylon roof cleaning machine  in the month of September is able to recover 10% more sunlight available for the crop and usable for a potential increase in production yields.

When should a greenhouse be cleaned internally?

Periodic and regular sanitation of the rooms inside the greenhouse, especially during production changeover periods, is a fundamental aspect for maintaining a healthy and clean production site. Ageon offers a series of machines to maintain a high level of hygiene inside greenhouses, capable of cleaning large surfaces in a relatively short time and with excellent results.