A clear definition of the objectives is the basis for the correct design of the “greenhouse system”, both in the soil and in the above ground.

Once the structure has been defined, the technical-plant choices will be decisive for the success of the project.

Ageon, in collaboration with some leading companies in the sector, is able to offer a complete range of products that are suitable for both iron-glass structures and those with plastic film covers.


Ageon offers its customers customized solutions for growing under artificial lighting with LED lamps.

Until a few years ago, cultivation under artificial light was limited to high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS), but in recent years the cost of LEDs has been lowered and the demand for high-quality fruit and vegetables, local and for all year has led to the spread of this new technology.

LED lighting has many advantages: it allows you to significantly stimulate plant cultivation, providing specific spectra designed specifically for different plant species, lower energy consumption (about 40% less HPS with the same lighting power), low heat development during operation and a long lamp life.


The ECA water generator is a machine that, using only water, salt and electricity as an input, synthesizes electro-chemically activated water (ECA).

This solution has a high disinfectant and oxidizing power and a non-aggressive pH.

ECA water is very effective against spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses and prevents the formation of algae and biofilm. No additional chemicals are required for the units to function properly. Thanks to its characteristics, this product can be used, at different concentrations, to disinfect tools, irrigation systems, drainage water, structures and even plants without leaving toxic residues.


Cleaning the greenhouse is a fundamental element for having an excellent cultivation.

Ageon offers a series of machinery to maintain a high level of hygiene both outside and inside the greenhouse.

In addition to cleaning, it is possible to quickly apply layers of detergents, shading or protective agents on the roof thanks to the special system.

Furthermore, with the appropriate machinery it is possible to clean large surfaces inside the greenhouse in a short time. It is particularly used in periods of change of production.

They are simple and practical machines to use that allow you to obtain optimal results.