With Trutina you can have a broad overview of crop parameters, checking values ​​and graphs in real time, sharing the reports even with your agronomist consultant, via smartphone, tablet, PC.
It is your assistant who helps you to monitor parameters that you would not normally be able to control. Trutina is a support tool in choosing the irrigation strategy, it allows you to monitor and improve the way in which drainage is produced and the plant is hydrated during the day.
You can enter alarm thresholds, which can be monitored via the Trutina Notifier Android app.
Has the substrate moisture value dropped below the level you set?
Has the light intensity exceeded the value you had programmed?
Has irrigation not started yet after a certain amount of desired radiation?
Thanks to Trutina Notifier, when a preset value is exceeded, you receive an alert directly on your app, thus allowing you to act in real time and safeguard your crops. If compatible with the existing system, you can use a smartphone servo control to activate irrigation.
With biomass sensors, you can check the daily weight gain, operating in order to maximize production. You can automatically control the drainage, making everything much easier. In addition, thanks to the e-box you can now connect multiple sensors wirelessly, placing them in different points in the greenhouse, monitoring even more parameters in real time.

Trutina - Irrigation strategy management assistant

Trutina Accessories

App Trutina Notifier

Thanks to Trutina APP (Android), you can create different types of notifications to monitor your greenhouse crops. By setting a minimum / maximum value you can monitor the irradiation, the temperature of the substrate, the amount of nutrient solution, you will be able to receive important notifications or alerts on the management of your crops.
This App allows you to intervene on the irrigation strategy in the face of risk situations.

Automatically starts irrigation when necessary, improving your irrigation strategy and optimizing water consumption.
The evolution of the Trutina Start & Stop is essential for those who want to automate and optimize irrigation processes.
Thanks to a direct connection with the fertigation system, it is possible to set minimum / maximum threshold values ​​and make irrigation management automatic when the preset values ​​are exceeded.

Usable with the Trutina Notifier, it allows you to receive a notification on previously set parameters and to start an irrigation operation of the programmed duration directly via the Android application.