Ageon Srl has been dealing with soilless cultivation for 28 years, with the creation of AgeonTech, an agronomic technical department, the company has specialized in agronomic consulting in a protected environment. In 2020 SITIF was born, the first Italian School of Hydroponics and Soilless in Italy, which presented the first course for the creation of Hydroponic Greenhouse Managers (to this date arrived at the 8th edition confirming a great success) eand today, given the growing demand, SITIF presents to the agricultural world the first course entitled “Converting a greenhouse into soilless”.

In this course SITIF aims to offer companies that are considering the transition to the ground, all the information necessary to make the decision a successful choice.

A module designed for all operators in the sector (technicians, growers, consultants, managers and owners of farms …) who are interested to deepening the useful and necessary characteristics to prepare a cultivation in soilless.

The objective of the course is to transfer the more than ten years of experience in greenhouse assistance and in the preliminary drafting of business plans useful for the conversion of greenhouses into soilless AgeonTech.

The course can be followed in Zoom Meeting webinar format – coordinated by SITIF director, Vitangelo Di Pierro. Open registrations, dates and times will be communicated later.

For companies that request it, it is also possible to carry out dedicated courses directly at the company headquarters.

To learn more about SITIF’s training offers, you can contact 0171-348114 or write to


  • Features of the greenhouse,
  • Substrate placement,
  • Slab support and drainage recovery,
  • Drainage management,
  • Electrical,
  • Heating,
  • Climate control,
  • Fertigation plant,
  • Substrate,
  • Conversion costs,
  • Extra fittings…