Jute substrates



Growers are increasingly demanding a growing medium with a correct air / water balance.
Our jute-based substrates represent a unique opportunity for healthy and sustainable cultivation, from seed to harvest.
The goal: to use less water and nutrients while improving germination and growth.
Jute substrates have the following characteristics:
– flexible;
– soft in contact with the roots, avoiding any problem;
– suitable for any cultivation system;
– ideal for manual or automated processing;
– specifically designed for vertical farm systems;
– suitable for plug-in-plug.
– neutral pH (also available in sterile version);
– electrical conductivity 0.3 mS / cm
– easily stored and preserved;
– do not get completely dehydrated;
– it is possible to hydrate them several times;
– allow a lower consumption of water, nutrients and energy
– 100% compostable and biodegradable
– high reduction of algae growth;
– strong radical development;


Characterized by the use of jute and patented BioFlakes for water conservation. The combination allows an optimal balance of humidity and air in the plug.
HollandBioPlug is suitable for every culture and is available in different variants and sizes.
The cap can be easily removed and is completely biodegradable and compostable.

White plug (PLA + BioFlakes)
10 cc Ø 20 x 24mm 1 box = 8400 plug
15 cc Ø 24 x 28mm 1 box = 5000 plug

Blue plug (Jute)
10 cc Ø 20 x 24mm 1 box = 8400 plug
15 cc Ø 24 x 28mm 1 box = 5000 plug

Orange plug (Jute + BioFlakes)
10 cc Ø 20 x 24mm 1 box = 8400 plug
15 cc Ø 24 x 28mm 1 box = 5000 plug
27 cc Ø 30 x 30mm 1 box = 2000 plug

Also available in tray format


HollandBioMat is a lightweight jute-based germination mat that absorbs water in perfect balance with the air and releases it for healthy root development.
HollandBioMat is designed for vertical farming and is extremely suitable for growing sprouts and baby leaves.

It is 100% compostable and clean during use.

BLUEMAT 200W (jute)
Dimensions: 254x508x3mm
Packaging: carton of 150 pieces

BLUEMAT 400W (jute)
Dimensions: 254x508x6mm
Packaging: carton of 84 pieces

BLUEMAT 700W (jute)
Dimensions: 254x508x10mm
Packaging: carton of 75 pieces