Cordenka is the thread used to tie and support tomatoes and vertical crops in general. In vertical cultivation greenhouses, like as  tomatoes, the string is one of the elements used throughout the cultivation cycle. Efficiency and resistance are the main characteristics, but companies, with a view to an increasingly sustainable future, do not forget the eco-sustainable and ecological component.
The disposal of large quantities of twine is one of the main problems of companies at the end of the cultivation cycle.
The Cordenka® Bio-compostable twine makes it possible to dispose of it by specialized companies, in total tranquility.

By clicking on the certificate-bio-greenhouse-compostable-wire link, it is possible to view the DIN CERTCO certificate issued for the BIO CORDENKA wire, used in hydroponic and traditional greenhouses for soilless cultivation.

Biodegradable and Biocompostable
Rayon is produced by extracting the pulp from wood.

Cordenka® twine is the answer, with a very competitive quality / price ratio.
Cordenka® is a world-leading German company specializing in the production of Rayon yarn.

The production process: from wood to twine.
Rayon is produced by extracting the pulp from wood.
The pulp is then transformed into a liquid state (known as viscose), from which the Rayon thread is produced.
Through the intertwining of several threads, Cordenka® twine is produced.

Cordenka® is Bio-degradable and Bio-compostable, with DIN CERTCO certificate according to the standards:

– DIN EN 13432: 2000-12
– DIN EN 14995: 2007-03

Disposal will no longer be a problem.


Colors: it is possible to add a colored thread (red and green with a standard supplement. For other colors the quotation is based on the quantities).
The color results in a lower yield per kg.

Code AC1 – Rayon – finer with a very interesting mt / kg ratio; available in 4 tear resistance values ​​and 2 colors

Code GA1 – Rayon + Cotton – softer twine with 3 tear resistance values ​​and 2 colors

– 10Kg spools
– cultivation hook format: for vertical farming of vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, courgettes…) and vertically developing crops such as hop.

The grow hook can be customized as needed:

Metal hook size 18-20-22 cm
Quantity of wrapped twine to be unroll during the production cycle
Amount of “free fall” (cultivation twine-substrate distance)