Fadex H+

FADEX® H+ is a concentrated acid cleaner, soluble in water, strongly foaming and indicated exclusively for the professional cleaning of equipment and surfaces. Effectively eliminates dirt and organic residues both in greenhouse environments and in the fruit processing industry.


In the event that the dirt in fruit transformation processes consists of organic matter such as residues of chlorophyll, sugar, waxes, earth, but also chemical contaminations not visible to the naked eye (residues of chemical agents for crop protection). In order to remove them effectively many hours of manual work are required, even more when it is necessary to scrape away the dirt. Despite this, many hidden corners and spots remain dirty since the hands cannot reach them. So that in the end all these efforts lead to little and unsatisfactory results.

FADEX® H+ is a detergent that is widely used in the food transformation process industry for cleaning surfaces, worktops, fruit sorting and processing rollers and various types of equipment. Thanks to its composition it can be applied to various materials: plastic, metal and concrete. However, before use it is always advisable to carry out test runs on a small area of the surface to be cleaned, especially for enamelled or particularly delicate surfaces.

Furthermore, FADEX® H+ is a detergent that is widely used in horticulture and nursery gardening, especially in cleaning the plastic films of tunnel greenhouses, but its action also extends to cleaning inside the greenhouse in case of algal contamination. It can be used for cleaning surfaces, track pipes, ducts and various equipment in a greenhouse environment.

After application with FADEX® H+ it is recommended to continue the sanitization cycle with a disinfectant such as A-QUASAN® (in the process industry) or MENNO FLORADES® (in a greenhouse environment) in order to eradicate pathogenic microorganisms .

Physical-chemical properties

pH (at 20°C): 2
Yellow color
Physical state: liquid
Smell: pungent

Spectrum of efficacy

Effective cleaner against the removal of organic and inorganic material in the (process) food industry, also excellent action in the removal of algae in greenhouse environments. Also applicable on plastic film sheets (foreign greenhouse) to increase transmissivity.


– Formic acid

– Paraffinic oils


SL – soluble concentrated liquid

CLASSIFICATION: dangerous goods

H314 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

H302+H332 Harmful if swallowed or if inhaled.


Fadex H+ can be used for cleaning plastic film tunnels. It is recommended to prepare a solution with a concentration of 1% and apply it to the surfaces with a dosage of 0.2 l/m² by spray or as a foam (1000 l of this solution will cover up to 5000 m²).


Fadex H+ can be used for the removal of organic residues such as chlorophyll, sugar, waxes, earth and for chemical contaminations not visible to the naked eye (residues of chemical agents for crop protection) in fruit transformation processes. It is particularly effective at removing wax from apples on feed rollers.

Available formats:


200 L

Tanker (IBC)
1000 L


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