Fadex Rapid

Decontaminate applicable directly on the hands ready to use, alcohol free, able to effectively treat organic and inorganic dirt, plant sap (chlorophyll) and visible contamination. It does not require rinsing and after application, dirt can be easily removed with a tissue.


Fadex Rapid is a ready-to-use cleaning agent, suitable for continuous use at every stage of the production process. Does not require rinsing after application. The combined action allows the elimination of organic dirt (e.g. plant residues, plant sap), inorganic (e.g. contaminants).

Schematic representation of the parts of neglected skin.

Left: back of hand

DX: palm of the hand

Hands are not only important and extremely functional “tools” that we use every day. In fact, hands can also be vectors of numerous contaminations and diseases, especially in productive contexts such as horticulture. To obtain correct and scrupulous hand hygiene, attention and time are needed, often cleaning and disinfection is neglected or performed poorly. Numerous contaminants are often deposited on the surface of the hands (in the upper layers of the skin) and under the nails. Therefore, to ensure the desired/planned production standards in compliance with a preventive phytosanitary prophylaxis that limits the emergence and spread of dangerous diseases for crops, it is necessary to maintain a necessary and continuous hygiene of our hands.

Physical-chemical properties

pH (at 20°C): 2.7
Density: 1.025 g/cm³
Colour: clear/light yellow
Physical state: liquid

Spectrum of efficacy

Effective hand cleaning agent against dirt of organic and inorganic origin.


Paraffinic oils


Ready to use

CLASSIFICATION: non-dangerous goods



Proceed by observing steps one through six one after the other in order to reach all parts of the hand
Pour about 3 ml of product onto your hands directly from the one-litre bottle or from a dispenser (installed on the 10 L tank), rub without water for about 30 seconds, remove any stubborn dirt stains with disposable wipes or a handkerchief (alternatively it is also possible to use with water rinsing)
Pour the product directly into a plastic basin; after use, immerse the cutting tools in it, completely immerse the hands and tools for about 10 – 30 seconds, remove the tools with your hands and then remove the most stubborn dirt stains with disposable wipes. The solution must be renewed at least once a day, and if it is used intensely and frequently, several times a day.

Available formats:

1 L
Code: FLO.MC.LQ.0040