Transport trolleys for greenhouse on rail tube WDZ-09


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Transport trolleys for greenhouse on rail tube-WDZ-09

WDZ-09 manual harvesting trolleys are designed for harvesting greenhouse crops and transporting large box loads. The trolley allows both driving on the heating pipes and free movement along the greenhouse fitting.
Multiple possibilities of modification according to customer needs. The trolley platform can be equipped with:

• roller guides • rollers • aluminum plate • steel profiles • containers for dividers

Trolley length: 155 – 240 cm
Load capacity: 150 – 384 kg. depending on the type of trolley

The trolley is made of corrosion protected and powder coated steel.

Equipped with plastic hubs and 2 pairs of central maneuvering wheels with an additional axle to strengthen the structure.

Depending on the type, the trolleys can be equipped as standard with hooks and handlebars and can be hooked into a trailed system.