Vertical farms represent a revolutionary solution for the primary production of food, being easily achievable in any type of building.

The vertical farms aim to recreate the environmental situations suitable for the growth of various types of plants and vegetables, reducing the use of water and obtaining zero km productions.

In indoor spaces, natural lighting is not sufficient for plant growth and it is necessary to increase it with LED lamps.

Ageon offers Radix, a modular product for vertical agriculture with different characteristics:

  • Hybrid system of NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and DWC (Deep Water Cultures) with water circulation by gravity through an integrated system
  • Possibility of conversion between constant flow and “Flow-Reflow” system
  • Integrated lighting devices for agriculture with Sananbio VE spectrum
  • It allows to support the different plant species cultivated in the various stages of growth
  • It can be assembled independently in no time and is customizable in spacing and levels / number of shelves (from 4 to 8)
  • The sixth of the plant is 7.62 × 10.16 cm
  • The panels are easily stocked and transportable
  • More than 300 crop varieties were tested including lettuce, herbs, mixed salad, baby leaf and microgreens
  • Possibility of panels with different densities: 54 holes, 180 holes and kit for microgreens.