Ageon offers a range of shades, made with special components, which, depending on the intensity of the external light, determine a correct irradiation and an adequate temperature inside the greenhouse. This ensures the passage of light even in bad weather, in order to guarantee optimal cultivation conditions inside the greenhouse.


The shading protects greenhouse crops from excessive irradiation that generates thermal excesses in the hottest and brightest months of the year. Thanks to its covering power, it allows you to darken and refresh the environment in the greenhouse during the spring – summer season, thus avoiding even serious damage to our crops.

To protect greenhouse plants from excessive solar radiation and make them strong and luxuriant, it is essential to use a liquid or powder shade in the hottest months of the year, to be applied directly on the roof of the greenhouses.

Ageon offers LA BLANCHE and WITVAST shading products, calcium carbonate-based products combined with adhesive components, not harmful to the environment, with slow and gradual natural degradation. It does not need any detergent to remove it, as it is self-degrading. Easy to apply, the duration and the desired percentage of shading can be varied as needed. The shelf life of the product also depends on the climate conditions.

The high-coverage natural shading, applied on multiple greenhouses or tunnels, has a shielding and heat-reflecting capacity, ie it reflects light and heat. This allows you to shade and cool the environment inside the greenhouse. It does not contain toxic and / or dangerous substances for the environment, therefore it does not pollute the water collection tanks or groundwater.


  • No worries on particularly hot and bright days,
  • Excellent yield per square meter ratio
  • More beautiful plants in the greenhouse, thanks to the correct lighting generated by the application of the shade
  • 2 high quality products with different durations: LA BLANCHE up to 5 months*, WITVAST up to 3 months*, self-degrading.
  • Highly water soluble
  • Easy application with a single treatment, if well distributed
  • Ecological and respectful of the environment

*La durata finale del prodotto dipende dalle condizioni climatiche.


La Blanche contains more starch which guarantees a longer product life on the roof than Witvast (it is estimated 1 month more in the case of a rainy geographical area, 2 more in the case of a little rainy area). Therefore, the period of application of the 2 different products can also be calculated based on the expected time of removal. More generally, the persistence estimates of the products are: La Blanche 4-5 months Witvast 3-4 months In the case of double application of the shade after a few weeks, it is recommended to apply La Blanche first and then Witvast.


La Blanche and Witvast shading can be used in spray mode on glass, plastic film and polycarbonate.


Applicare il prodotto quando le condizioni climatiche permettono un tempo sufficiente per completare l’asciugatura, per evitare che la pioggia dilavi la soluzione appena applicata.


The opened bags of La Blanche and Witvast must be kept in the original packaging if this is carefully closed.

Store the product in a dry place away from direct sunlight.