Water is one of the crucial and fundamental factors for any soilless culture. In fact, this cultivation system is based precisely on the “Water Technology” used for irrigation. In any context, therefore, it is first of all necessary to ensure a safe and continuous supply, as well as having good quality water for irrigation purposes (after chemical-physical analyses) and to try to keep these characteristics stable for the entire duration of the crop cycle. In recent years, following the increasingly evident effects of climate change and the continuous demographic increase, there has been an exponential growth in the demand for water which, unfortunately, is now evident that it is no longer an inexhaustible commodity. Agriculture is by far the sector in which the most water is used globally accounting for up to 70% of the water used worldwide. Growing pressure on water resources from agriculture is confronted with the demand for water from other sectors and poses a threat to the environment. Water has now become a precious, vital and no longer taken for granted. In this scenario, storage solutions, purification, water treatment and efficient closed-loop systems for soilless soils represent a winning and obligatory choice for responding to these challenges.

How can I store water?

Water management remains a crucial point for correct Soilless cultivation and beyond. To always have enough water available, it is often necessary to have suitable collection tanks or artificial basins. Furthermore, environmental and legislative requirements strictly impose the recovery and reuse of drainage water from soilless systems as well as the management of rainwater intercepted by any greenhouse structures of a certain size. Ageon offers solutions for the collection and storage of water with dedicated tanks of various sizes and volumes to meet every need.

Why is it important to treat water from algae?

Water collection and storage systems such as basins, cisterns and lakes are increasingly subject to problems of algae proliferation especially following the rise in temperatures caused by climate change. Ultrasound systems allow to drastically reduce the amount of algae. The technology used brings algae to the bottom of the basin, which die due to lack of oxygen. These systems are totally natural and have the advantage, compared to the traditional ones, of not using chemical products and not inducing the algae to emit annoying defense phytotoxins, a great advantage if the water is to be used for drinking purposes.

What is ECA water? What is it used for?

ECA water is a very convenient and effective electro-chemically activated water with a strong sanitizing/oxidizing power and a non-aggressive pH on surfaces and materials. The uses of Acqua ECA are many: from the sanitization of tools, surfaces and irrigation systems to the treatment of drainage water. The Acqua ECA system is particularly suitable for production contexts in the agricultural and greenhouse sectors since it allows the production of a non-phytotoxic solution for cultivation without any type of residue. The ECA water generators produce a ready-to-use solution simply starting from water, salt and electricity with undoubted economic savings compared to the purchase of similar sanitizing products.