Born in 1994, Ageon Srl of Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) is a company specialized in the supply of products and services for soilless cultivation in greenhouses.

Ageon was born from the will of the founder Pierfranco Silvestro, who brought together a team of professionals with experience in the world of cultivation on substrate, to give life to a reality capable of constantly adapting to the needs of an ever-changing market.

Ageon embodies the experience of more than 25 years of research, innovation, and respect for environmental standards.

A growth path that began on May 16, 1994.

The company is made up of two distinct and complementary divisions:

  • The Ageon commercial division deals with the selection and distribution of the best products and services for modern greenhouse cultivation following careful research on an international basis;
  • The AgeonTech division deals with highly qualified agronomic consultancy. It also offers analysis and support services to greenhouse growers from the design phase to the entire production cycle, helping them to maximize qualitative and quantitative yields.

Nowadays, substrate cultivation has become a key element of cultivation in a protected environment.

We can proudly state that Ageon has contributed significantly to the growth of this sector having been, at the time of its foundation, a pioneer of cultivation on substrate in a protected environment.


Offer products and services (solutions) for soilless cultivation aimed at optimizing yields and quality by investing the least possible input of raw materials and energy.


The ideal partner for Hydroponics and Soil. Skills, experience and innovation. Always one step ahead.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Dealing with cultivation in the soil, there are many advantages attributable to this production system:

  • better control of phytosanitary conditions
  • higher production yields, thanks to better control of climate management, irrigation and nutrition
  • greater continuity of product offer
  • better intrinsic and extrinsic quality of the product
  • reduction of management costs, especially in relation to manpower requirements
  • greater production guarantee
  • water and energy savings, therefore less environmental impact

If we consider the growing need for automation and the need to reduce pollution, the adoption of these techniques appears as a logical evolution of protected crops. In particular, the legislative measures aimed at penalizing “polluting” production activities make it urgent to switch to more environmentally friendly crops.

Our greatest value is the people who contribute every day to make Ageon a unique reality. Continuous training is therefore a fundamental aspect for the search for innovation in all processes, as well as the protection of the quality of life in the workplace.


Pierfranco Silvestro

Founder / majority shareholder

Mauro Biodo

Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Maria Luisa Li Pira

Head of Administration Office

Francesca Cavallera

Commercial office

Antonio Di Taranto

Commercial / technical center-south Italy

Carlo Ferrario

Commercial office

Vitangelo Di Pierro

AgeonTech Director

Mattia Tononi

Agronomist technician

Carlo Valsecchi

Agronomist technician

Gabriele Candido

Agronomist technician