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To have a crop in optimal conditions and able to produce at its best, it is essential to provide proper nutrition. This is much more evident in plants grown in soilless systems that totally depend on fertigation for the supply of nutrients.
In this regard, AgeonTech provides a Nutritional Solutions calculation service aimed at giving the grower a “recipe” specifically calculated on the specific needs of the crop in relation to its needs and context (type of greenhouse, climatic conditions, phenological stage of the plant , etc.).
Starting from an analysis of the water available on site for irrigation and drainage (in the case of a crop already in progress), our technicians are in fact able to calculate a specific nutrient solution for the case in question.
The quantities and balances of the various elements are also calibrated according to the season, the potential problems that may arise (such as apical rot or cracking of the fruit in the tomato) and any specific needs of the company.