The new greenhouse data collection system that is modular and adaptable to the needs of each facility. Thanks to G.IoT.To you can check the greenhouse parameters  in real time and adopt the best irrigation strategy. G.IoT.To can be applied to all crops.

Precision agriculture

Improve and scale up your production with real-time monitoring and data collection.

G.IoT.To is the innovative system for data collection and storage in the cloud. Thanks to the patented Aranet radio wave technology, we are able to collect data from sensors in greenhouses that are very far apart (up to 3 km) with secure and reliable data transmission. The modular technology of the base stations allows us to minimize installation costs, enabling us to install multiple reliable and highly tested sensors in the greenhouse industry. The installation is very quick, and the sensors do not require power cables as they are battery-powered with life time up to 10 years depending on the sensor. This makes the entire system extremely flexible to meet the customer’s needs without the need for multiple bulky and easily damaged cables.

The data is easily accessible to the user:

  • Graphically on the MyAgeon cloud platform (graphs, tables, etc.)
  • Directly downloadable in Excel format.

Leverage the power of the cloud:

The cloud platform allows users to view data in tabular form or with easily interpretable graphs with ample customization possibilities. Choosing the desired time interval, monitoring all necessary parameters, and keeping track of the battery levels of individual sensors are just a few of the many possibilities.

The platform offers the ability to set alarms and notifications when certain user-defined thresholds are exceeded. This allows growers to keep their greenhouse under constant control, even when they are not present, enabling them to intervene promptly and avoid possible damage to the crops.

The cloud-based data management system allows users to manage multiple greenhouses in a single platform. Thanks to the highly scalable technology of the cloud, the various G.IoT.To systems are easily expandable, allowing users to increase the number of sensors at any time with just a few steps. It is also possible to move sensors from one greenhouse to another without having to move numerous power cables and sockets.

The benefits of having thesystem G.IoT.To


Increased production


Measurable and calculable parameters


Investment payback

Trusted data

- Greenhouse tested sensors
- Reliable connections
- Historical data archive

Water saving

- Drainage water analysis and monitoring
- Substrate and microenvironment monitoring

Flexibility and modularity

- Battery-powered sensors
- Quick and easy integration

Continuous monitoring

- Real-time data monitoring/control
- Online visualization on the platform


Base station

Data collection control unit that acts as a gateway for data storage and web server. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and has the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE.

Teros-12 (soil sensor)

This sensor, once inserted directly into the substrate, allows for monitoring of temperature (T°), electrical conductivity (EC), and water content (WC), enabling control of irrigation and nutrient supply to plants to optimize their growth.

Environmental sensor

Sensor for measuring the temperature and relative humidity of the air inside the greenhouse equipped with protection against solar radiation which could alter the measurement.

PAR sensor

Sensor for measuring photosynthetically active radiation to determine the amount of light that plants are exposed to. From the data of this sensor, it is also possible to obtain the instantaneous light intensity (W/m2) and cumulative energy (J/cm2).

VPD sensor

Sensor for measuring the leaf temperature of the plant, data from which it is possible to calculate the vapor pressure deficit.


Weight sensor to monitor growth (biomass) and plant development to optimize environmental conditions and improve yield.

CO2 sensor and temperature

Sensor for monitoring CO2 concentration, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Rod diameter sensor

Sensor for monitoring stem diameter microvariations to investigate the effects of irrigation rate and other environmental factors on water balance and plant growth.

Soil moisture sensor

Sensor for monitoring the percentage of water content in the soil.

Water temperature sensor

Sensor for monitoring water temperature perfect for both immersion and flow measurements.

Drainage water volume meter

Spoon measurer of the volume in ml of water useful for measuring the drainage of plants.

Irrigation water volume meter

Spoon measurer of the volume in ml of water useful for measuring the water given in irrigation to plants.

PH probe of the water

Combined glass/gel pH electrode ideal for even dirty liquids, with a transmitter for calibration and constant monitoring in the greenhouse.

Water EC probe

EC probe with built-in thermocompressor, ideal for water treatment with a transmitter for calibration and constant monitoring in the greenhouse.

Dissolved oxygen probe

The immersion probe measures dissolved oxygen using the fluorescence phenomenon.
Includes internal sensor for automatic temperature compensation. The probe is equipped with a device for self-cleaning by means of a jet of compressed air.

Water temperature sensor

Water temperature monitoring sensor perfect for both immersion and flow measurements.