All your greenhouses at your fingertips

MyAgeon is a cloud platform developed by Ageon Srl for the constant and complete monitoring of a company’s greenhouses. MyAgeon allows you to keep all parameters and information related to the performance and management of your greenhouses under control. The platform receives data from the G.IoT.To system, (an acronym for Greenhouse IoT Tool), a greenhouse data collection system developed by Ageon in collaboration with Aranet, thanks to which you can easily consult and monitor greenhouse parameters in real time and more. MyAgeon was created for all-round control of your greenhouses, from data control it is possible to optimize and improve irrigation and climate management, but it is also possible to carry out checks on plant nutrition thanks to laboratory analysis and constantly evaluate, thanks to an analytical approach, plant trends and through dedicated photos and tables it is possible to precisely identify the causes of any problems (allowing to avoid them with specific preventive actions) and the plant’s responses to the actions taken by the grower.

From greenhouses to the Cloud

The MyAgeon platform was created with the idea of virtually reproducing your greenhouses in the cloud, regardless of their physical location. Thanks to its highly customizable layered structure, we can monitor every crop, sector, and greenhouse of any company. In MyAgeon, it is possible to integrate the data entered by the sensors with manually entered data and photos, thanks to a dedicated app. Cloud data management offers many advantages over a traditional monitoring and management system, allowing the visualization and data collection system to be extremely scalable and adaptable to every need, always creating a tailor-made solution with customized visualization packages for every level of control needed in the greenhouse. In addition to the individual parameters measured by the sensors, the cloud allows them to be processed and analyzed in combination, thus allowing the progress of the crop to be monitored more completely, comparing it with the optimal values or with the historical data in possession. A comprehensive analysis!

Choose your sensors

The strengths of MyAgeon:

All your greenhouses in one platform

Monitor, control and manage all your greenhouses with a single platform

High quality sensors for correct real-time data

Data controlled by software and taken from sensors tested in the greenhouse environment

Fertigation and ad hoc nutrition

Thanks to the loaded chemical analyses, AgeonTech can provide the optimal nutrient solutions for each crop

Complete crop analysis with Crop Registration

Thanks to the integration of Apps and sensors it is possible to have the Crop Registration updated and corrected in real time

Easy and intuitive graphical visualization of unique data

The user interface allows you to analyze greenhouse data in a few moments by taking a snapshot of how your greenhouse is working

Optimization of crop irrigation strategy

Monitoring the volumes of each irrigation and the related drainage allows the best irrigation strategy to be adopted

The MyAgeon platform is divided into five main parts designed to control different aspects of the greenhouse:

In this section you will be able to view a summary overview of the situation in the greenhouse with a summary of the sensors present in the greenhouse as well as an overview of the local weather. AgeonTech news and all notifications and alarms related to the greenhouse will also be shown in this section.

In this section, multiline graphs are visible for the representation of parameters collected by sensors and some parameters calculated based on this data. The graphs are highly customizable graphically and, thanks to a summary table, it is possible to know the average, minimum, and maximum values of the relative time interval.

With MyAgeon, it is possible to know the percentage drainage of each single irrigation and the average daily drainage, allowing to optimize the irrigation strategy, minimizing water waste, and ensuring the right irrigation to the plants.

In order to provide a complete reading of the greenhouse parameters detected by G.IoT.To, Ageontech has developed the “G.IoT.To Report”, where agronomic consultants prepare a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly document based on the customer’s needs, containing comments on the progress of the irrigation strategy and technical suggestions in order to guarantee the best growth conditions of the plant, optimizing the inputs.

In this session, all the laboratory analyses related to your greenhouse are displayed, as well as a common space where you find the analyses common to all greenhouses (well water analysis…), thus having a complete overview of the analyses carried out. AgeonTech provides a Nutrient Solution calculation service aimed at providing a “recipe” specifically balanced on the specific needs of the crop manifested by the laboratory analysis. The constant adaptation of the nutrient solution to the needs of the plant allows to guarantee the optimization of production and the quality of the harvest. This, combined with a specially studied fertigation, allows to prevent most of the symptoms of deficiencies/excesses related to the period (for example, apical rot, fruit splitting of the tomato…).

In this section, each user has the possibility to set alarms when certain conditions detected by the sensors occur. It is also possible to combine different alarms to customize the control. This guarantees operators continuous control and in case of incongruous parameters, the system generates notifications (email, app notifications…) to all designated operators, so as to immediately become aware of the possible problem and be able to intervene promptly. It is also possible to generate alarms with increasing levels of importance.

From AgeonTech’s twenty years of consulting experience in technological greenhouses, the AgeonTech Crop Registration was born, an accurate greenhouse data collection module that allows crop monitoring in a way that would not otherwise be possible. External and internal climatic parameters, irrigation data, measurement of specific growth parameters in addition to production data, allow for an analytical observation of plant growth trends, identifying in advance and accurately the causes of possible problems, trying to avoid them with specific preventive actions. In this section, the data is partly compiled automatically thanks to the sensors and partly integrated by the greenhouse managers. In response to this amount of data, AgeonTech consultants analyze and draft interactive reports that contain timely comments and advice. Thanks to this system of automatic compilation and data collection, the time spent on monitoring is drastically reduced and possible human measurement errors are minimized, allowing to work on correct data and to undertake the best cultivation practices.

The platform has different access levels based on the type of package you want to purchase, the more sections of our platform are included the more you will be able to have a complete overview of your greenhouse: