The microelements of the Ageon line are simple fertilizers, so it is possible to produce any type of solution taking into account both the available water and the cultivated variety and its stage of development. All Ageon microelements can also be used for fertigation (soil and above ground).


Ageon‘s genomic biostimulants, formulated thanks to the study of crop genomes, act on specific genes involved in the reduction of abiotic stress and in the control of nutritional physiopathies and some pathogens. They act on plants and soil to improve their physiological processes, making them stronger and more efficient.


Among the complexed fertilizers that Ageon proposes, lignosulfonates are recommended for both root and foliar treatments. Their complexation level of over 93% makes them more absorbable than similar products. They have a wide pH stability range (pH 4-8) and are Sodium Free.