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For farms equipped with the most modern climate and fertigation management systems connected to the internet, AgeonTech has studied and developed an innovative remote agronomic consultancy service: AgeonTech Monitor.
Having the client company equipped with a process computer that automatically manages the rural aspects of external and internal climate, irrigation, nutrition and processing management, the AgeonTech consultant can connect to this computer remotely – as long as it is connected to the network internet – making an appointment with the grower.
Customer and consultant communicate via telephone or video call while, using a remote desktop sharing software, both can enter into the details of each single graph, each single table and each single page for setting all the parameters.
By doing so, the communication process relating to the changes in strategy to be adopted in real time is greatly streamlined, allowing the AgeonTech consultant to instantly assess the cause-effect relationships of each change made to the strategies. This allows you to avoid possible delays in implementing the recommended settings and consequently to obtain the desired results in a very short time.
The AgeonTech Monitor service can be requested as it is or in combination with other AgeonTech consulting services (eg together with the Crop Registration).