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One of the main requests we register from the most advanced and demanding companies producing table tomatoes is a reliable weekly harvest forecast.
Thanks to the analysis of big crop data that AgeonTech has accumulated over many years, we have developed a model for calculating the total kg and kg / m2 of crop expected for a single week of production.
By providing input data such as the type of table tomato to be produced, the geographical area, the transplant period, the week of the last harvest and the thermal regime to be adopted, the model outputs a table with the expected productivity for each single week of culture.
Since some values ​​to be input are unpredictable in detail months in advance, it is possible to adjust some input data on a weekly basis to obtain more realistic estimates of production in the very short term. This makes the AgeonTech WeeKilo module even more flexible and reliable and avoids making predictions based on the harvesting experience that are based on visual assessments of the product ripened on the plant.
The AgeonTech WeeKilo module can be requested as it is for crops already in progress or for existing companies, or it can be added to the AgeonTech Business Plan module to provide the document with precise tomato production forecasts in the medium-long term.