Coconut fiber substrates represent one of the most widespread solutions for soilless crops and for those who want to opt for a 100% organic and completely biodegradable product. The coconut fiber is obtained from the husk of the coconut, where through a specific processing it is redeveloped and transformed into a cultivation substrate suitable for multiple crops. When it comes to coconut fiber substrates it is good to specify that it is always a mixture consisting of several components always derived from coconut, but in the form of different sizes and physical characteristics.

We can identify 3 main elements such as: Peat/Marrow, Fiber and Chips.

  • La Peat or Marrow represents the component with the smallest granulometry, plays a fundamental role in the hydration and water retention capacity of the coconut fiber substrate.
  • The Chips is the coarsest part of the coconut fiber substrate mixture, very important as it gives structure to the substrate.
  • The Fiber represents the finest element and for its physical-structural characteristics has a decisive role in the phenomenon of capillarity of the coconut fiber substrate.

Thanks to the possibility of modifying the percentages of each element of the mixture it is possible to obtain substrates with different characteristics and behaviors (eg substrates with less or greater drainage capacity) in order to meet the needs required by each crop.

Ageon thanks to over 25 years of experience in the import and marketing of coconut-based substrates is able to offer products with high quality standards, able to respond to the multiple requests of customers.

We provide customers with a complete range of products fromdifferent formats suitable for each plant species and for each specific use, characterized bydifferent types of mixtures, with washed or unwashed materials, depending on the electrical conductivity required during the use of the coconut fiber substrate.

Ageon also offers a complete technical assistance service through AgeonTech able to guide and support the customer in the different phases of use of the substrate starting from the installation in the greenhouse, calculation of the Nutrient Solution, hydration, management during cultivation, final disposal and / or reuse.

Some typolopies of coconut fiber substrates treated by us:

  • coconut fiber cultivation plates
  • 5 kg pressed bricks
  • coconut fiber jars
  • open bag
  • mini bag
  • rooting cubes
  • discs for vases
  • semi-pressed bales