For over 15 years Ageon has been collaborating with the Dutch laboratory Groen Agro Control (GAC), combining laboratory analysis and technical experience to develop effective solutions for our sector.
The goal is to optimize production and crop quality through specially designed fertigation and constant monitoring of nutrition to prevent any type of problem before deficiency / excess symptoms appear. GAC provides, through Ageon, well water analysis, irrigation and drainage services as well as the innovative Uptake analyzes that allow to calculate the effective absorption of each single nutritional element by the plant and consequently to optimize nutrition to the maximum and consequently quality and productivity, reducing fertilizer waste. No more than 3 working days pass between sending the sample and receiving the results via email (for nutrient analysis on aqueous sample). It is also possible to buy Netfeed, an online software for calculating nutritional solutions.
Chemical and microbiological analysis services are available aimed at identifying the most varied types of problems, whether due to pathogens, residual chemical compounds, pollutants, deficiencies or other.

In summary, it is possible to carry out: