AgeonTech® is the consulting and technical assistance division of Ageon S.r.l., specialized in agronomic support for customers who adopt soilless and hydroponic cultivation systems.
An important added value in the Italian landscape of greenhouse cultivation reserved for our customers. AgeonTech was born from the need to support appropriate consulting services to the customer for the wide range of products in our catalog as well as providing decision support during the planning, crop management and plant management phases since extreme attention to both cost control and maximization of qualitative and quantitative production results.

Technical-agronomic assistance is the tool that all operators in the agricultural sector can use to maximize production yields, optimize cultivation processes, improve resource management and make initial investments pay off.

In recent years, the agricultural sector has undergone major structural transformations following a growing demand for agri-food products in quantitative / qualitative terms and the need to optimize the resources available. The advent of new technologies and Agriculture 4.0 has led to an undisputed improvement of the entire agri-food chain, in many cases redefining the criteria of technical and operational aspects of the more traditional farming systems.

However, these transformations have brought out the importance and need for specific technical skills in soilless crops, capable of mastering and supporting companies in the grounding of such technologies and applications. In this context, the importance of being supported by qualified Agronomic Technical Assistance emerges for companies and farmers. The agronomic technical consultancy can be carried out in the form of various services and activities that are not limited only to the mere monitoring of crops. The agronomic service can provide laboratory analyzes to investigate the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of the starting water, substrate / soil and nutritional solutions. In addition to this, it can provide valid decision-making and management support in the management of crops. Furthermore, with the recent digitization of the various productive behaviors that also involved the agricultural sector, new forms of online agronomic assistance have been developed that can assist the customer even remotely and be able to respond promptly to all his needs. Finally, agronomic consultancy can prove to be of great use in the planning and programming phases of new crop systems through a real design assistance service that can also include the drafting of real business plans for hydroponic crops.

Lately, the greater attention to sustainable processes and methods capable of maximizing yields and increasing the quality of products has led to the spread of so-called crops in a protected environment, that is, in a greenhouse. These solutions include the most modern hydroponic greenhouses that use soilless cultivation systems. However, such solutions inevitably require adequate technical preparation which very often is lacking or insufficient to exploit such systems. In this context, specialized agronomic assistance in soilless and hydroponics can prove to be the winning solution.