Well water analysis: what is it for?

The analysis of well water parameters is a necessary and fundamental control, which must be carried out periodically by anyone who decides to use water for irrigation of soilless crops in greenhouses, in soil, as water for human consumption, or home use.

Why do you need to analyze well water?

Whether it is an artesian or phreatic well, the wells are normally a private property, therefore not controlled by the water network manager. If you own a well, and you want to use its water to power your fertigation system, you need to check its quality and some values.
Well water flows underground, during this process it can absorb positive properties, such as mineral salts (if present in the right quantities), but also impurities or pollutants, which can compromise its quality.

There is a law that regulates the analysis of well water?

The Legislative Decree n. 31/2001 is the rule that regulates the analysis of water intended for human and domestic consumption and for irrigation of crops.
Knowing the final use that you want to make of the well water is used to choose the right analysis to be carried out and identify the limits of the concentrations to be considered acceptable by law.

Which analyzes can be carried out in our affiliated laboratories?

  • Chemical analyses
  • Physical analyzes
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Specific pollutants analysis

What is the importance of the chemical analysis of water intended for fertigation?

The water used in fertigation systems represents the starting point. In fact, the various nutritional elements (macro and micro-elements) are added to it, which will constitute the final Nutritive Solution to be used for crops. It is therefore essential to know not only the quality of the starting water, but also its chemical composition in order to best adapt the selected nutrient solution, in this way it is possible to prevent unnecessary waste of fertilizers and to obtain a more balanced nutrient solution and targeted to the needs of the crop itself.

What values ​​are analyzed in the chemical analysis of well water for irrigation?

A chemical analysis is carried out in the laboratory* by evaluating 19 parameters of the sample provided:

  • EC Electric conducibility
  • pH acidity of the water
  • NH4+ Ammonium
  • K+ Potassium
  • Na+ Sodium
  • Ca 2+ Calcium
  • Mg 2+ Magnesium
  • Si Silicon
  • NO3 Nitrate
  • CI Chloride
  • SO42- Sulphate
  • HCO3-* Hydrogen carbonate
  • PO43- Phosphate
  • FE Iron
  • Mn Manganese
  • Zn Zinc
  • B Boron
  • Cu Copper
  • Mo Molybdenum