BioBoost is a natural and certified method developed by the Dutch company NPS Trading b.v. designed to improve the quality of the product throughout the growth cycle with a tangible increase in production and taste.
The process is developed in the GSPP certified Dutch laboratory directly on the seeds shipped by the customer. After a few days, the seed is returned in insured to the grower or nursery which proceeds with the standard sowing and cultivation procedure. Since 2010, the year when the BioBoost method was presented on the market, NPS immediately worked, in collaboration with producers, large distribution chains and agronomists, in collecting and processing the data arriving from the market.
Statistical data on greenhouse crops and final consumer appreciation data were collected through tasting panel-tests in the points of sale.

On the basis of what was found, 98% of final consumers noted a difference in taste, 78% preferred the enriched fruit while 22% preferred the standard fruit.
In response to customer feedback regarding the product to which BioBoost was applied, the managers of large-scale distribution expressed their enthusiasm for the tangible results obtained. Producers and nurserymen who have made significant comparative tests have noticed some important differences such as:

  • Better germination
  • More brachized and generative plant
  • Production advance of a few days
  • Better fruit set in the warm period
  • Production increase from 5% to 10%
  • More performing plant
  • Greater uniformity and regularity of the fruits
  • Taste enhancement
  • Increased degree of Brix

Adopting BioBoost technology is therefore a winning bet for those who aim for quality and direct their business to prestigious markets that are increasingly looking for producers who guarantee constant quantity and quality over time.