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Channel system suitable for various crops.

  • Over 30 different models of gutter are available. They can be suspended, on supports or on support surfaces.
  • They are suitable for many types of crops and substrates.
  • Wide choice between the dimensions and shapes of the gutters based on the crop and other aspects.
  • They have a Polyurethane or Polyester coating which can be single or double sided.
  • The thickness of the steel can vary from 0.5 to 0.8 mm, depending on the type of gutter and its use. For large spans and / or extremely heavy loads on the gutters, we can supply a harder steel, keeping the material thickness and dimensions unchanged. This allows for a more resistant gutter.
  • Based on the type of cultivation, the size of the greenhouse, the number of aisles and the type of substrate used, it is possible to have the best solution.